Advising and Investing

I work with founders of pre-seed, post-series A, and growth stage companies to apply data science, behavioral psychology, and growth marketing tactics to help startups and the Fortune 500 with product, growth marketing, and design problems. 

I have expertise specifically with platform marketplaces, digital health, healthcare IT, adtech, B2B SaaS, and developer tools. Anything with a product-led growth funnel, or an enterprise go-to-market, I can be of assistance.

I typically work with teams that have a need for a head of product for the first time in their company life cycle, and provide coaching on anything from product-led growth, design, and tactical stuff, down to the strategic questions of vision, story, pitch, fundraising, and organizational issues and processes.

I’ve worked with 500 Global as a mentor for 4 years, and was previously an EIR, joining 500 portfolio company Magalix as CPO, from pre-seed to Series A.

Companies I’ve advised:

  • Parakweet (BookVibe – acquired by Google)
  • Savvy Cooperative (2017)
  • Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT) (2020)
  • Habitry (2014)

Companies I’ve invested in:

  • Gumroad (2020)
  • Magalix (2020) – developer tools for DevOps and SecOps engineers building on K8s
  • The Driver’s Cooperative (2021) – cooperatively-owned transportation network
  • The Commons Stack (2021) – realigning incentives around public goods with DAO tools
  • Move (2021) – the first community-owned digital retailer
  • Zestbloom (2021) – user-owned NFT marketplace built on Algorand
  • Dine Direct (2021) – diner-owned restaurant booking and discovery tools