About Jahed

Hello, I’m Jahed. I went to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for a PhD and dropped out with an MS in Biophysics in 2009.

I played poker professionally for a few years which gave me an intuitive understanding of Bayesian probability and to some extent let me walk right into data science when I decided to come back to careerism.

Professionally, I joined Vungle in 2014 and worked in product management, helping launch ad unit innovations that later helped the company burst through a revenue ceiling, mint $600M ARR, and get acquired by Blackstone.

Around that time, I got an itch to work in healthcare. I joined ZoomCare in Portland, and worked with a stellar team to launch ZoomCare Chat, one of the first direct-to-consumer virtual care plays connecting patients with doctors directly. ZoomCare was acquired by PeaceHealth in 2018.

I then went to Conversa Health, where I was the first product hire, and built the product team from the ground up. Conversa Health is the market leader in Virtual Care, and was recently acquired by Amwell in 2021.

I joined Magalix in 2019, with two founders out of 500Startups, who had a vision for using machine learning to make DevOps engineers lives easier. I served as Chief Product Officer as we scaled the company from 5 to 25+, raised a round of funding, and got our first 10 customers.

I currently have two gigs – I’m VP of Product at Savvy Cooperative, the world’s first venture-backed patient-owned platform cooperative matching patients with pharmaceutical and tech companies for research gigs. I’m also a venture partner at Avalanche.vc, where I head up the fund’s focus on the ownership economy, helping founders who are building the future of broad-based wealth distribution and governance bring their visions to life.

If you’re a founder looking to launch a community-based web3 company or DAO, or want to involve your best customers and users in the network effects of your company, I want to talk to you.