About Me

Hello, I’m Jahed. I went to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for a PhD and dropped out with an MS in Biophysics in 2009.

I played poker professionally for a few years which gave me an intuitive understanding of Bayesian probability and to some extent let me walk right into data science when I decided to come back to careerism.

Today, I’m a former biophysicist-turned-internet-poker-pro-turned-data-analyst-then-UX-designer-and-finally-product-manager.

I currently work as a product manager in technology, combining my skills and experience in science, data analysis, user experience, and psychology to help startups and businesses grok product strategy, growth, and design problems.

Personally, I spend my free time thinking about anarchism, self-management and autonomous, decentralized organization, blockchain technology, and machine learning, and the intersections of the preceding topics with human social organization, power, knowledge, and statecraft.

I am endlessly fascinated by consensus-driven social organization and meta-systematicity. 

These personal interests combine seamlessly with my work life, where I get to help facilitate high-functioning engineering teams in forming deep connections with each other and with the business strategy and goals, so that everyone’s autonomy, competence, and growth is supported, and the business wins. 

I write my thoughts on these things down occasionally, and share them via a newsletter (see the left sidebar if you’re interested in knowing more).